I’m an artist based in Cornwall. I create intricate pencil drawings based on the 9 Worlds from ancient Norse Mythology, with a heavy influence of my beautiful and magical surroundings. 
I’ve been told over the years, that to be a “successful” artist - I have to write about myself as much as the art. I’d rather not turn this page into a novel with the token clichés “I attended this college and exhibited here and there” etc etc. So I’d rather speak about Norse Mythology, and how I love what I create because I’m passionate and respectful to the mythology. It resonates deeply with me and hope it does too you. I like to see others make an emotional connection to my art. 
However, by way of an introduction for anyone reading this and in the hope of making an "about page" engaging. I'm a Norse mythology artist geek that 
Has been drawing for years 
Love my family 
A cup of tea with chocolate pretzels 
Visiting Bergen in Norway 
A qualified Falconer 
Watching The "Golden Girls" 
A qualified Reflexologist 
Watching "The Dark Crystal" 
Seeing "Muse" perform, never star-struck 
Thai food 
Loves Cornwall 
Hopes to one day go "Loch Ness" watching 
Loves finding sea glass and reading about how trees speak to each other through their root system. 

The 9 Worlds 

Norse cosmology divided the universe into nine realms. These nine worlds in ancient Norse Mythology are held in the branches and roots of the world tree Yggdrasil. 
The clearest present day description we have of the nine realms are: 
Realm of the Vanir. The second main tribe of deities, associated with magic, light, fertility. 
Realm of the Aesir. One of the two main tribes of deities venerated by the pre-Christian Norse. Depicted as a beautiful city of celestial towers. 
Realm of the Elves. Located not far from Asgard,home to the Light Elves associated with the arts and music. 
Realm of Hel. Where many of the dead dwell. 
Realm of the Giants and Frost Giants. A primordial place of chaos, magic and untamed wilderness. 
Realm of the Humans. The Gods created Midgard to protect the humans who were easy prey. 
Realm of Fire. Home of the fire-giant Surtr and his forces of chaos. 
Realm of the Dwarves. Located deep underground. Associated with craftmanship and magic. 
Realm of Ice, snow and mist. Thought to be the oldest of the nine realms. 
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